Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered where some ministers, preachers, or teachers get those catchy little sayings or quotes from? I call them the - Moments of Insight from the Holy Spirit. I would like to share a few that the Lord has shared with me. Hopefully, these will be helpful to those who are preparing a message, a lesson, or for those who are just doing their own Bible study. Either way, if the Lord shows you something in these small thoughts, share them with others.


A lot of people use mighty thin thread when mending their ways.

 A practical atheist is not one who believes there is no God, but one who believes it does not matter.

 A practical atheist is one who says he knows of Christ but says and acts like there is no God.

 A right relationship does not depend solely on the quantity of time spent; the quality of time is equally if not more important.

 A snack bar sermon spiced with humor.

 Although the outward form remains, the living creature from within has vacated the shell.

 Are we fishing for compliments or fishing for men?

 Are we sacrificing the eternal on the altar of the immediate?

 Are you a sunny day Christian or just when it is cloudy?

 Christians use live ammo on each other but charge hell with water pistols.

 Decisions determine destiny.

 Do not ask for comfort but ask to be conformed.

 Do not jump to conclusions when you are in the valley of decisions…take time to pray.

 Do we have a routine ritual or a righteous reverence?

 Does God need a microscope to see the fruit that you bear?

 Eternity is too long to be wrong.

 Focus on opportunities, not obstacles. Focus on the greatness of God, not the task. Focus on God’s abilities, not your inabilities.

Get some exercise – walk with God.

 God put his gift on a tree, not under it.

 Have we turned God’s Holy House into a Mall of Merchandise?

 How can I be of service?

 If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

It should be what I can do for the church, not what the church can do for me.

 Look to the person, listen to the promise, and live with a purpose.

Many people become bitter instead of better during trouble.

Mirror, mirror, of the Book, please tell me how I look.

 No matter how hard you pray, you cannot manipulate God’s response.

 On our daily ‘to-do’ list, living holy should not be there. Living holy should be a way of life.

Peace is facing and not fleeing your responsibility as a servant of the Lord.

Planted and/or fertilized in the wrong season, then attempted to harvest before fully developed.

Praise and worship are not a mass function but an individual one.

Praying in the pews leads to preaching in the pulpit.

Reputation – what people think you are. Character – what you are in the dark.

Right living grows out of a right relationship.

Shallow knowledge makes for a superficial Christian.

Sins that were committed undercover in the backyard are now done openly in the front yard.

 Some churches and Christians have – Activity without Action, Motion without Movement, Promotions without Progress, and Programs without Power.

 Temptations are what Satan uses to bring out the worst in us.

The Church of Casual Christianity – Is your church aggressive in its faith? Is it a place to see or to be seen, to network, or to look respectable? Is it just a daycare center or a social club?

 The five Rs of the Holy Bible. Read it. Receive it. Repeat it. Review it. Reflect it.

 The Math of the Cross – Added to heaven, Subtracted from hell, Divided from the world, and Multiplied treasures.

 The purpose behind the problem is to be transformed by trouble.

 The reason worship fails to occur in the pew is because it fails to occur in the daily routine of our living.

The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to make us the Sons of God.

 Then and there, compared to the here and now.

Three things to have for a good revival – look at the Master, listen to the Man, and then live the Message.

Trouble produces patience, and patience produces character.

Trials help us to grow and rely on God.

We have become a denomination of ignorant brethren.

We have become too involved with the art of worship that we have forgotten the heart of worship.

 We have quit asking, we have quit seeking, and we have not knocked for so long that we have forgotten where the knocker is.

 What does our relationship with Jesus, if any, show in our everyday life?

 When we look at the world – we are distressed. When we look at ourselves – we get depressed. When we look at Jesus – we will be at rest.

 When your spiritual cup overflows into your saucer, do you grab a spiritual biscuit and sop it up?

Willingness leads to an abundant life.

Worship is a result of a change in a person’s lifestyle.

Would you rather believe in a lot and get some or believe in nothing and get all?

 You cannot expect the provisions of God if you are out of the will of God.


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