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We Can Escape

1 Corinthians 10:13   If our culture is filled with so much moral depravity, how do or how can we escape?   RECOGNIZE People and situations that can give you trouble – do we let the world influence more the Jesus influences our lives? RUN Do not let yourself get into a situation that can harm you, stay away from anything you know is wrong. RIGHT Choose to do what’s right, whether you like it or not ( 1 Peter 2:13 ). REQUEST Pray for God’s help, seek God in all things. RESEARCH Seek spiritual guidance from friends, family, and church elders. We cannot escape God’s judgment   Luke 13:27, But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. Matthew 7:23, And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Some Great Escapes Genesis 29-31 – Jacob left his father-in-law after 2o years of service. Exodus 2 – Moses and Israelites left Egypt. Judges 16 – Samson, wi

The Message of the Gospel of Christ, and the Cost of Preaching It

Romans 1:8-17; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; Luke 14:25-33   Where is that message today? This is a two-fold message. First, the call to preach the Gospel. Second, the cost of preaching the Gospel. Since Jesus started His earthly ministry, He has called various people to follow Him, and then told them to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel ( Mark 16:15, and He said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature ). Many have come and undoubtedly many may have failed. But of those that may have started off right, then fell short of their calling, many of them may have returned to Christ and started anew. From verses 8-13, Paul presses the point that Jesus is the only mediator between man and God. No one else can do that, no priest, no shaman, no minister, no one, only Christ. Paul mentions praying without ceasing. But we are not to get upset in How God answers those prayers. God may not answer in our time or in ways that we may expect, but He wil

Prayer and Preaching Reach the World

Acts 1:14, 2:41   More prayer & preaching is what will reach the world, no matter how many programs the church has to offer. This passage of scripture tells us a lot about prayer and how we, as individuals and as a church, should be doing it daily.   ·          Early church prayed for days, preached a few minutes, and three thousand were saved ·          Today’s church prays for 10 minutes, preaches a 10-day revival, and may see thirty get saved ·          Political influence will not reach the world with the Gospel ·          Early church could not keep Peter from prison, but prayer got him out ·          More money not needed ·          How did Jesus pray ? – Matthew 6:9, After this manner therefore pray ye: ·          Prayer without faith is prayer in vain ·          James 5:14, pray for sick ·          Philippians 4:6, everything by prayer ·          1 Peter 5:7, cast all care upon Him   ·          Look at the Motivation to pray ·       

The Three Trees

Long ago there were three trees. One a fig tree, one a sycamore tree, and the last tree we know not what type it was. Regardless, of what the last tree was made of, we want to look at the significance of the three trees.   John 1:45-51 – One man under a tree –  Nathanael –  Under condemnation –   The Jews scorned Nazareth due to the Roman army that was stationed there. Nathanael's remark undoubtedly mirrored the public view. Philip found Nathanael and said that they had found Jesus of Nazareth, the one Moses, and the prophets had spoken of. When Nathanael heard that the Messiah was born in Nazareth, he was surprised. Luckily, Nathanael went to see Jesus. If he had acted on his prejudice, he would have missed the Messiah, but fortunately, he met Jesus and became a disciple. We need to invite people to come and meet Jesus, regardless of their stereotypical thoughts about Him.   Jesus knew of Nathanael before physically meeting him. Jesus stated, ‘behold an Israelite in w

Putting Christ Last

Luke 9:57-62   Why is it that too often people have put, or they are putting Christ last? Here the questions are asked about the requirements to following Jesus, not the way to salvation, and the cost of discipleship is brought out in this passage of scripture.   In verses 57–58 The first man is impulsive. He said that he would follow. Jesus said that the Son of man had no place to lay his head. This signifies that the man would have to give up his lifestyle and that by following Jesus the man would be rejected by the world as Christ was rejected. In verses 59–60 The second man seemed willing, but he wanted to bury his father first. Jesus was not saying that the man could not go to the funeral. Apparently, the man was putting human affections before doing the Lord’s will. This signifies that the man was more concerned with something else than the Lord. In verses 61–62 The third man seems anxious but he volunteered. However, his family had to come first. It looks l

Fishing for Men

Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20   Look at what they did when called. Did they ask permission from anyone to go and why did they go? Jesus had told Peter and Andrew to quit their fishing business and become 'fishers of men', to help other people discover God. Jesus was calling them from their earthly trade to a spiritual trade. (How many of us have heard the call and answered?)  If we all were to do what Christ taught and spread the Gospel to others, the Holy Spirit would draw people around us to Christ-like a fisherman who maneuvers fish into his boat. James, his brother John, Peter, and Andrew, were the first Jesus called to collaborate with Him. These men were motivated to leave their jobs and follow Jesus when they heard His call. They did not make excuses. They were altogether persuaded that following Jesus would change their lives perpetually, so they left immediately and followed. Jesus calls every one of us to follow Him. We should resemble the disciples, when Jesu