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What If All Christians...

What If All Christians...   If all sleeping Christians got woke up, If all lukewarm Christians got fired up, If all disgruntled Christians got sweetened up, If all discouraged Christians got cheered up, If all depressed Christians looked up, If all estranged Christians make up, If all gossiping Christians shut up, Then there might be a revival in the church.  

Needed Prayer

Please put my wife Vicki, on your prayer list. She is to have a liver biopsy to determine the cause of an ongoing issue.

Wake Up Christians and Pray!

 A teacher was suspended for not using a student's preferred pronoun. Teacher Suspended For Not Using Student's Preferred Pronouns Sues School ( What are schools teaching our kids these days? Sign Telling Identity-Confused Kids 'I'm Your Mom Now' Sparks Controversy ( Andy Cohen Slams Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill—'This Is One Big Dog Whistle' (